Manitowoc 4100W S2 230 Ton
Form # Title
  General Information
1049 Sales Brochure Manitowoc 4100W
7411-SF Sales/Specification Brochure
Manitowoc 4100W Lift
Folio 948 Series Designations
4100W/4100W S1/4100W S2
160299 Outline Dimensions
Folio 962 Weights
6105 Drum & Lagging Chart
50807 Range Diagram
TS-252 Center of Gravity Chart
  Lift Crane
Boom No. 22 Open Throat Top Inline
or 4 1/2 Offset
6934-A Lift Capacities, Inline 360
6934-B Lift Capacities, 4 1/2 Offset 360
6934-E Lift Capacities, Limited Swing
190693 Rigging Assembly Drawing
6592-A Wire Rope Specifications
6971-A Barge Capacities, 0-3 Degree List
Jib No. 123
6935-A Jib Lift Capacities
43730 Rigging Assembly Drawing
Boom No. 22A Light Tapered Top
7342-A Lift Capacities
50935 Rigging Assembly Drawing
6670-A Wire Rope Specifications
Jib No. 123
7343-A,B,C Jib Lift Capacities
Boom No. 22A Hammered Top
6961-A Lift Capacities
190993 Rigging Assembly Drawing
6605-A Wire Rope Specifications
Jib No. 123
6969-A,B,C Jib Lift Capacities
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