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Essex Crane Service for Top Performance on Every Project

You rely on your crane to help you complete complex construction jobs, so the last thing you want is for it to be non-operational because it was not serviced regularly. Regular crane servicing is a very important part of keeping your company successful and ensuring the long term durability of your equipment.

Essex Crane Rental Corp. is very experienced at crane servicing and we are proud to share our maintenance and service expertise with our clients. We specialize in the service of lattice boom crawler and rough terrain cranes made by Manitowoc, Liebherr, Tadano, and Grove.

Crane Service Where and When You Need It

CoastService(6)At Essex Crane we understand that our clients work in many different locations across the country, so we strive to make our crane service centers accessible to all. Essex operates six service centers throughout the United States in order to assist our clients with all of their maintenance and service needs.

Essex Crane also employs field service technicians who can come to you if you need assistance with your crane. Our skilled field technicians can meet you at your jobsite inspect your piece of equipment, diagnose any problems, and repair your machine, so you can return back to the job at hand. We know that your lattice boom crawler or rough terrain cranes are vital to the completion of your job, which is why we service your crane as quickly as possible while still being thorough in order to maintain safety regulations.

Experienced Crane Service Technicians

The staff and service technicians at Essex Crane are highly skilled and possess professional experience spanning decades. Our crew will inspect and service your equipment with the highest degree of expertise and care. You can rest assured that any equipment serviced by Essex will be in great shape by the time we are through.

Essex Crane encourages our clients to commit to regular crane servicing and inspection to keep their fleet in the best shape possible. Regular maintenance of your lattice boom crawler crane or rough terrain crane makes it easier to repair small problems before they become larger issues. Having your equipment inspected routinely can actually lower the cost of repairs overall, as you will not have to worry about sudden breakdowns and emergency repairs.

Fair Service Pricing

We offer crane services that are affordable and cost effective so budgeting for regular inspection and repairs will not put you over budget. If you would like a quote, simply contact our service department and we will provide you with an estimate as soon as possible.

Full Refurbishment

If you have a crane that you want entirely refurbished, Essex can handle that job as well. We are capable of bringing most any crane back to life, inspecting and testing it to ensure that it meets our high standards.

Depend on Us

Essex Crane is proud to provide quality customer service. We will remain in communication with you as your crane is serviced and will gladly answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

Whether you need servicing, repairs, inspection, or refurbishing, the professional experts at Essex Crane will help your business. Our staff is routinely trained in repair and servicing techniques, and work hard to keep up with the latest trends and changes in the industry. Essex Crane also works closely with our manufactures, including Manitowoc, Liebherr, Tadano and Grove, to ensure that all of our servicing work meets their standards.

Essex Crane’s experienced technicians are available to help you with any service problems and are happy to provide you with a quote. Contact us at 888-991-2250 for all of your lattice boom crawler crane and rough terrain crane servicing and repair needs. At Essex, our number one priority is keeping your equipment fully operational.